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Development Services

Building Department

Solar (PV) & Electric Vehicle Charging(EVCS) Permits

Roof Mounted Solar PV (RES-PV) systems (10kW AC or less) for single family and duplex homes qualify for streamlined permitting offering the use of standard plans and over the counter approval if all requirements are met.  All applications for residential solar systems (RES-PV) require the following:

Building Permit Application

RES-PV Submittal Requirements

RES-PV Expedite Eligibility Checklist

RES-PV Compliance Checklist (One or Two Familty Dwellings)

  • (2) complete sets of 11X17 plans, stapled 

  • (2) sets of structural calculations

  • (2) sets of manufacturer’s specifications for all components being installed

  • Signed contract between the company/homeowner (copy or PDF)

Additionally, if the RES-PV system includes any of the following then the following documents must also be provided:

Ground Mounted, Multi-Family, and Commercial Solar PV systems must be submitted for plan check. 

Solar PV Plan Review Timeframes

Small residential rooftop solar PV permits under 10kW that meet all of the solar eligibility checklist requirements are processed and approved over-the-counter the same day or within 3 business days. Application and associated documents must be submitted electronically via the city appointment scheduling system for expedited approval. Two hard copy sets of 11x17 plans along with two copies of all associated documents must be provided on the day of your appointment for building permit issuance. Please click here to schedule your appointment for over-the-counter expedited solar review at City Hall.

All other solar reviews that do not meet the expedited solar eligibility checklist requirements, including non-residential, will have a (2) week review timeframe. Please click here to schedule an appointment to submit plans at City Hall for all other solar reviews.

Resubmittals and revisions will have a target review time of (5-7) business days.

Solar Permit Fees

Residential roof mounted solar permits are no-fee permits, however, any revisions to approved solar plans will be processed with the applicable revision fees associated with the review. 

Solar permits that include Main Panel Upgrades, Battery Back-Up Systems or other additional Electrical Equipment will be charged fees associated with those components. 

Ground mounted solar permits will be charged fees associated with the construction and installation of the racking system.

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