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Development Services

Development Services

Building Department




Remote Video Inspection is an alternative to on-site inspections for minor projects.  Remote Video Inspection requires the use of a video call on a 4G smart phone or tablet in order to interact with a City inspector.


Remote Video Inspections are available for:

  • Small Projects
  • Residential Construction (except roof nailing and intermediates)
  • Porches
  • Rooftop Solar PV (photovoltaic)
  • Electrical Service Upgrades
  • Electrical Reconnects
  • Water Heaters
  • Gas Line Installations
  • Follow-up Inspections (must verify with inspector)

Note:  Based on the size and/or complexity of the project it may not be possible to complete the inspection via Remote Video Inspection.  If this is not possible, the City Inspector will schedule a field inspection.


Contractor/Property Owner requirements prior to requesting a Remote Video Inspection:

  • The inspection location must have 4G connectivity.
  • The smart phone or tablet to be used must have 4G connectivity.
  • The smart phone or tablet to be used must be capable of making on of the following types of video calls:
    • Android Video Call (must be an S8 or newer model phone)
    • Google Duo
    • Skype (can be downloaded here)   Android or iPhone
    • GoTo Video Meeting



  1. Schedule Remote Video Inspection:
  • Requests for Remote Video Inspections are made at the bottom of this page.
  • Provide the platform you will be using for the inspection (android video call, skype, Google Duo or Request a Video meeting link from the Inspector).
  • You will receive an email notification from a City Inspector informing you of the scheduled time frame for the video inspection.


  1. Preparing for the Remote Video Inspection:
  • Prior to the inspection ensure that the necessary tools related to the type of inspection being requested are readily available (i.e. a tape measure, level, flashlight (must be a bright flashlight at least 300 lumens), step-ladder for close ups of ceilings, etc).
  • Make sure your smart phone or tablet is fully charged.
  • Turn off phone or tablet notifications prior to the video call.
    • Notifications can freeze the video call which could delay or require the inspection to be rescheduled.
  • Be ready to accept a video call during your scheduled inspection time frame from a City Inspector.

  1. The Inspection:
  • Follow the directions of the City Inspector
  • Begin the inspection from the street looking at structure with the address showing
  • Have the plans, job card and permit ready/open to view.
  • Walk the inspection site in a clockwise direction.
  • Walk the inspection site from bottom to top (if multiple floors)
  • Make note of any items that need corrections

  1. Inspection Results:
  • The Inspector will tell you during the video inspection whether the inspection passed or if corrections are necessary.
  • The Inspector will input the inspection results into the City’s permitting system after the video call has been completed.  The day after the inspection, comments will be available on the City’s Online Permit Portal (OPP).
  • The Inspector will assess if an additional fee for a re-inspection is required.






Enter Your Permit Number
Enter your job site address
Enter the date you want the inspection
Enter the type of inspection(s) you would like to request
Enter the name of the person to contact at the job site
Enter the Job Site Contact Phone Number
Email to reach you
Select one of the following Remote Video Platforms to be used in this inspection.

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