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Development Services

Planning & Zoning

The Planning Division is responsible for providing assistance to the public with zoning regulations that apply to properties within the City. These regulations include residential and non-residential development standards and entitlement application processing requirements. The Planning Division reviews proposed development projects for compliance with land use policies and standards set forth by the City’s General Plan and Municipal Code.

City Hall is open to the public by appointment only. If you would like to submit a planning application or if you have general planning/zoning questions, please make an appointment and a planner will assist you at the public counter.

To schedule an appointment at City Hall, please click the button below:

Schedule Appointment

San Juan Capistrano General Plan Element Update

The City of San Juan Capistrano is in the process of updating the current Housing Element and Safety Element of the City’s General Plan and creating a new Environmental Justice Element for inclusion into the General Plan. These General Plan Elements will create a long-term map for the City’s housing growth, policies for the safety of San Juan Capistrano citizens and ensure all areas of the community are provided equal opportunities for healthy and safe living and working environments. As a result, public input from City residents is needed!  


Posted January 6, 2022.  Planning Commission Public Hearing January 19, 2022.

Please click here to learn more details about these important General Plan updates.

Actualización de los elementos del Plan General de San Juan Capistrano

La Ciudad de San Juan Capistrano está en proceso de actualizar los elementos de Vivienda y de Seguridad actuales del Plan General de la Ciudad, y de crear un nuevo Elemento de Justicia Ambiental para su inclusión en el Plan General. Estos elementos del Plan General crearán un mapa a largo plazo para el crecimiento de viviendas de la Ciudad, políticas para la seguridad de los ciudadanos de San Juan Capistrano y garantizarán que todas las áreas de la comunidad tengan las mismas oportunidades para vivir y trabajar en entornos saludables y seguros. Como resultado, se necesita la opinión pública de los residentes de la ciudad.

Por favor, haga clic aquí para obtener más detalles sobre estas importantes actualizaciones del Plan General. Haga clic a continuación para realizar una encuesta en línea y proporcionarnossus comentarios sobre las actualizaciones planificadas del Plan General.


Temporary Outdoor Operations Permits

To assist restaurants and other businesses in quickly installing outdoor dining or curbside/storefront pickup areas, the City Council has adopted an Urgency Ordinance establishing a streamlined permitting process. A business may apply for a no-fee Temporary Outdoor Operations permit by completing the linked application and submitting to the Planning Division at Please allow up to two days for staff to review and process a submitted application. If you have any questions about the submittal process, please email or call 949-443-6331. 

Zoning Documents & Resources:

Planning Documents & Resources:

Application Brochures
Affordable Housing Agreement n/a
Architectural Control Get Brochure
Conditional Use Permit Get Brochure
Discretionary Use Permit n/a
Development Agreement n/a
Floodplain Land Use Permit n/a
General Plan Amendment Get Brochure
Grading Plan Modification Get Brochure
Mobilehome Park Conversion/Closure n/a
Sign Monument (not part of AC) n/a
Sign Program Get Brochure
Site Plan Review Get Brochure
Temporary Use Permit n/a
Tentative Parcel Map Get Brochure
Tentative Tract Map Get Brochure
Time Extension n/a
Rezone/Zone Change Get Brochure
Zone Variance Get Brochure

Other Applications

Type of Application Brochures Applications
Banner Permit n/a Get Application
Landscape Permit

WELO Guidelines

Get Application
Lot Line Adjustment Get Brochure Get Application
Massage Therapy Get Brochure n/a
Pre-Application Permit/Consultation n/a Get Application
Residential Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Permit n/a Get Application
Sign Permit Get Brochure Get Application
Special Activities Permit n/a Get Application
Tree Removal Permit Get Brochure Get Application
Zoning Compliance Plancheck n/a Get Application
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