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City Council

The San Juan Capistrano City Council meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 4:00 for Closed Session and 5:00 p.m. for the public Business Session, in the Council Chamber.


City Council Members District Contact Email
Hon. Derek Reeve, Mayor District 3
Hon. Howard Hart, Mayor Pro Tem District 5 
Hon. Troy A. Bourne District 2
Hon. Sergio Farias  District 1
Hon. John Taylor  District 4


City Council Elections
Elections for City Council seats are held on the first Tuesday in November of even-numbered years, coinciding with state and national elections. Council Members are elected to a four-year term. Council Member terms are "overlapped," meaning that each election fills either two or three open seats.

The City's Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem are selected at the first meeting of each December to serve a one-year term. These positions are filled by sitting Council Members by a vote of the majority of members.

Correspondence addressed to the Council (in any format, e.g., e-mail, fax) is given an agenda number if applicable, and reproduced for all packets assembled for Council meetings. Letters addressed to the Council are not automatically agendized; Council Members may choose to place any subject on a future agenda. Any correspondence or other written material delivered to a majority of the Council becomes public record. Please contact the City Clerk's Office for further information regarding correspondence addressed to Council

Links to City Council meeting agendas & minutes are provided below. Agenda reports for each item on the agenda can be accessed through a link to the corresponding agenda item.

Agendas & Minutes

City Council Outside Appointments

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