What is AlertOC?

AlertOC is a mass notification system used by the City San Juan Capistrano to issue emergency messages directly to residents and businesses. In case of an emergency, City officials can use AlertOC to send important information to the public by telephone, email and text messaging. Notifications can be made to thousands of people within minutes of the system being activated.

AlertOC contains residential and commercial landline phone numbers for most of Orange County's population. The County acquired landline numbers from AT&T and Verizon's 911 telephone database. CPUC code sections 2872 and 2891.1 state that information contained in the 911 database is confidential, proprietary, and won't be disclosed or used except by authorized personnel for the purpose of emergency notifications.

It's important and recommended that community members provide additional phone numbers, email addresses and a text number by registering through the AlertOC web portal by going to AlertOC.com. Each account can have up to three phone numbers, two email addresses and one text number. VOIP Users: Please note that VOIP numbers aren't currently provided through the E911 database.

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1. What is AlertOC?