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Online Maintenance Service Request

The Utilities Department is responsible for receiving and responding to a variety of requests for service. Should you have a request for maintenance or an issue concerning water leaks, water meters, fire hydrants, sewer, stormdrains, water runoff, manhole covers, or water conservation please fill out the form below or contact the Utilities Department at (949) 234-4400 or by sending a message to You may also submit pictures to that email address. Once a request is made, it will be processed and forwarded to the appropriate Utilities staff for response and/or follow-up. If it is an emergency and it is after hours, a weekend or a holiday, please contact our Duty Man at 949-842-2624. For reference a water leak that occurs between the meter and the residence or a sewer issue that occurs between the residence and the connection in the street is the responsibility of the homeowner and a plumber should be notified. If it is necessary to have the water turned off to perform a repair, please call the Utilities Department (or the Duty Man if after hours) to turn the water on and off at the meter so as not to incure a fine should the valve break.

For maintenance needed on public streets, public parks, City-owned buildings or public trails and open space please click HERE to be redirected to the Public Works Service Request page.

Please note that any service request correspondence with the City of San Juan Capistrano, along with attachments, may be subject to the California Public Records Act, and therefore may be subject to disclosure unless otherwise exempt.

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