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Utilities - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set up automatic payments from my checking account?

Yes! This makes paying your water bill easy. Fill out a “WEZY” form, and return it to our office with a voided check or contact Customer Service to have one sent to you. You will continue to receive a statement in the mail every month. Payments will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the due date of the bill, approximately 20 days after the bill is generated.

Does the City have a low-income or senior water rate?

As a public agency, water rates are set to recover the cost of water. We therefore cannot discount the water.

How do I set up a new account, or discontinue service?

Please contact Customer Service, (949) 493-1515. There is a service charge for setting up a new account. Final bills will be mailed within one month of the day you tell us to have service discontinued.

How do I set up a payment arrangement?

If you are unable to pay your bill, call Customer Service at (949)493-1515, (choose option 1) before the disconnection date to request  a payment extension and avoid possible termination of service.

I have a water leak in my house; can you send someone out to fix it?

Not if the leak is inside your house or in your yard. In those cases, you will need to either call a plumber or landscaper. The City is responsible for any leak that is between the meter and the street. The homeowner is responsible for any leak that is between the meter and the house. If you are not sure which side the leak is on, then we will happily send our field customer service technician to determine the location of the leak. At that time, if you would like, we will gladly turn off your water until the leak can be repaired. Once the leak is repaired, please call back and we will come back to turn the water back on for you. Please do not have your plumber or your landscaper try to turn the water on or off at the meter. This is City property, and if it’s broken, then a penalty could be imposed on the homeowner that is connected to that meter.

I need to pay my bill, who do I contact?

Please contact the Customer Service Division at 949-493-1515; at the recording, please choose option 1 to speak to a Customer Service representative regarding your bill, start or stop service, or to change the name on your account.

Is my water safe to drink?

Yes. Water supplied by The City of San Juan Capistrano meets the stringent requirements set by both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water. Our Water Quality staff conducts more than a quarter of a million tests on water samples each year and monitors for nearly 200 substances.  Please see the yearly water quality report under the Frequently used Forms section, of this department page for more specific information about water quality.

What is a sewage spill; who is responsible for a sewer spill?

Sewage spills occur when the wastewater being transported via underground pipes overflows through a manhole, cleanout, and/or broken pipes. Sewage spills can potentially cause health hazards, causes damage to homes and businesses, and threaten the environment, local waterways, and beaches. The City is responsible for any leak that happens from the connection in the street and beyond. However, the homeowner is responsible for a sewage spill caused by a blockage in your sewer lines! Remember that time is of the essence in dealing with sewage spills. You are required to immediately:

  • Control and minimize the spill. Keep spills contained on private property and out of gutters, storm drains, and public waterways by shutting off or not using the water.
  • Clear the sewer blockage. Always wear gloves and wash your hands. Call a plumber if necessary.
    Utilities Department: 949-234-4400
    After-Hours Emergency: 949-842-2624

Where can I pay my water bill?

Cash payments are accepted at the Water Customer Service counter in City Hall during regular business hours. Water bills can also be paid by check or credit cards in person, and credit cards are accepted over the phone and online.  An after-hours drive-up, drop-box for checks is located in the City Hall parking lot.  It is white and looks like a standard large mailbox. By automatic debit from your checking account. A completed bank draft form and a voided check is required to activate. Payments via your on-line banking account, and mailed check payments should be addressed to:


City of San Juan Capistrano – Water Dept
Payment Processing Center

PO Box 7000
Artesia, CA 90702-7000

Who do I call if I have a water emergency or leak after hours, on a weekend or during the holidays?

The Utilities Department is the only City department with a full time duty person. Someone is available 24-hours a day, every day. The phone number for the duty person is 949-842-2624.  This number is for after hours, weekend & holiday emergencies only.  The duty person cannot take water bill payments over the phone.

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