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Construction and Demolition Program

The City of San Juan Capistrano has established a Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Recycling Program per San Juan Capistrano Municipal Code, Title 6, Chapter 3, Sections 6-3.08 through Sections 6-3.08.10 to help in diverting C&D waste from landfills and also to comply with mandates of the Califronia Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) and the California Green Building Standards Code (CalGreen). The City's diversion requirement is 65% which means that certain projects are required to divert 65% of the total C&D waste tonnage at a project site from landfills.

Tips to Manage C&D Material at the Job Site:

  • Determine recycling, salvage, reuse and disposal options before the job begins.
  • Consider deconstruction instead of mechanical demolition.
  • Reuse materials such as fixtures and doors.
  • Donate materials that can be reused to charities and nonprofit agencies such as ReStore a Habitat for Humanity resale store.
  • Place advertisements in local newspapers announcing salvageable and reusable materials for sale or donation.
  • Choose a recycling facility based on its fees and geographic proximity to your job site.
  • Educate contractors regarding your waste management plan.
  • Clearly identify recycling areas with large signs.
  • Place recycling bins in areas that will minimize misuse or contamination by employees and the public.
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