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Floodplain Management Regulations

Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Maps

For FIRM maps in Digital format, please visit the FEMA Map Service Center.

To find the correct FIRM map for your property location, follow these instructions:

  • In the Product Search box in the upper left corner of the web page, Select Public Flood Map from the product selection pull-down menu.
  • Enter your property address in the fields below, and select the “Search by Street Address” button.
  • When the correct map item appears, select the View button. The FIRM map will appear on screen for viewing.
  • Enter the property address or Assessor Parcel number (APN), and select “Flood Zone” in the area above.
  • Your subject property will be selected and appear in the screen to the right.
  • You will be able to find basic information on the property in the table on the left, including the Flood Insurance Rate Map panel numbers and community numbers.

Flood Insurance Rate Map and National Flood Insurance Program information are also available at the City's Public Work's Counter.  Private companies offer flood zone determinations based upon the current Flood Insurance Rate Map information. For floodplain questions, other than specific zone determinations, please click here for contact information, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.

River Flow Data

The following is USGS flow data for San Juan Creek and Trabuco Creek

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