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Approved Letter of Map Revisions (LOMR)

The City has attempted to catalogue the LOMR that have been prepared within its jurisdiction to assist residents and insurance agents in obtaining this information. To the best of our knowledge, this list is accurate, but it is recommended that you contact your insurance agent to verify the information.

The City has just received the latest Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) from FEMA removing approimately 340 properties out of the flood zone. This will take effect in February 2013. Click here to view the FEMA document. For more information, please contact Irene Marcote at (949) 443-6352 or


Description Location Date Issued Case Number Property ID LOMR (PDF)
Brighton Gardens Paseo Espada and Rancho Viejo Road 3/31/1999 98-09-1081A Parcel Maps 79-856 Lots 18, 19, 21, 22 Brighton Gardens LOMR
Calle Perfecto Business Park Calle Perfecto 4/18/2001 01-09-493A Tract 15853 Calle Perfecto Business Park LOMR
Winebridge/San Juan Plaza 32241 Camino Capistrano 2/8/2002 02-09-277A Parcel 1 Winebright LOMR
Village Alipaz-KB Homes Alipaz 10/9/2002 02-09-1413A Tract 15858 Village Alipaz-KB Homes 1413A LOMR
Village Alipaz-KB Homes Alipaz 6/13/2003 03-09-0717A Tract 15998 Village Alipaz-KB Homes 0717A LOMR
Village Alipaz-KB Homes Alipaz 6/20/2003 03-09-1036A Tract 15998 Village Alipaz-KB Homes LOMR
Casa de Amma 27231 Calle Arroyo 3/19/2004 04-09-0675A Parcel Map 79-856, Lot 20 (176/6) Casa de Amma LOMR
Marbella Development Rancho Viejo Road and Golf Club Drive 8/31/06 05-09-0793P Tract 12954 Marbella Development LOMR
Village Alipaz-KB Homes     Alipaz 6/21/10 10-09-2701A Tract 15998, Lots 33-52 Village Alipaz-KB Homes LOMR


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