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Stop and Swap

Stop and Swap

Visit the Stop and Swap! The Stop and Swap is a unique and free program that allows you to drop off household, yard, and car care products you no longer need and pick up others you can use. For more information about the household hazardous waste collection program and the Stop & Swap call (714) 834-6752.

Transportation and Handling

A maximum of 15 gallons or 125 pounds may be transported per vehicle, per trip. This is a Department of Transportation Regulation.

  • Materials should be in original containers (except motor oil, fuels and antifreeze).
  • All containers must have lids, be sturdy, non-leaking, and protected from breakage.
  • Do not combine types of waste.
  • Do not mix oil-base paint with latex paint.
  • Dry out empty paint cans and discard in regular trash.

If you wish to have a container returned (oil containers and boxes/crates used to transport materials), please notify the attendant in advance. Some containers may not be returnable.

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