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Solid Waste

CR&R provides the City of San Juan Capistrano's residents and businesses with solid waste and refuse disposal services. CR&R is the only legal company authorized to provide these services under a franchise agreement with the City. For information on available services, trash pickup days or any related matter, please contact:

CR&R Customer Service Department:
Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Phone: (877) 728-0446, Fax: (949) 728-3470
Email or visit their website.

Please click HERE to access the CR&R Rates as of 7/1/2021

During any time a premise is unoccupied for more than forty-five (45) days, a customer may contact CR&R to request service be cancelled and request containers be returned to CR&R. The customer is responsible to provide notice to CR&R to cease service due to vacancy as well as provide reasonable evidence demonstrating the premises are vacant for the period in question. There will be no charges for services which are not needed or used.

                                   CR&R Residential Guide                               CR&R Commercial Guide

                                                     CR&R Environmental News - Summer 2020

Self Hauling

The owner, tenant or occupant of residential premises within the City may be granted a self-hauler permit by the City Manager for such premises upon request, and after (1) submitting a form that includes the address of the premises in question and (2) demonstrating that arrangements have been made for the return of any containers belonging to the City's solid waste franchisee. Applications are available on the City website. Self-haulers must renew their permit at the commencement of each fiscal year and comply with Municipal Code Chapter 3. The application for a self-hauler permit, whether upon initial application or renewal, must include the following:

  1. A list of all bins, carts, rolloff boxes and other containers to be used by the selfhauler;
  2. A list of all transportation and disposal equipment to be used by the self-hauler;
  3. A written explanation of where all solid waste will be delivered for disposal and diversion;
  4. A written plan explaining to the reasonable satisfaction of the City Manager how not less than fifty (50) percent of solid waste collected will be diverted from disposal in compliance with AB 939 through and including January 1 ,2020, and how following that date, diversion of not less than seventy-five (75) percent of solid waste collected will occur in compliance with AB 341 ; and
  5. Any other information deemed necessary by the City Manager to ensure protection of public health, safety and sanitary needs.
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