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San Juan Capistrano General Plan Element Update

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Please click below to take an online survey and provide us with your feedback on the planned General Plan updates. 



What is the City's General Plan?

The City’s General Plan provides long-range guidance for land use and development in the City and addresses other City issues such as economic growth, open space, conservation, affordable housing and employment. San Juan Capistrano’s existing General Plan contains twelve topics, or “Elements.”

Why is the City updating portions of its General Plan?

State law requires that a General Plan’s Housing Element be updated every eight years. In accordance with state law, the City of San Juan Capistrano is undertaking an update to the City’s Housing Element, along with an update to the City’s Safety Element and the creation of a new Environmental Justice Element.

These General Plan Elements need to be updated because the community faces new opportunities and challenges, including population growth, housing affordability, climate change, and much more. The updated Housing Element, Safety Element, and creation of an Environmental Justice Element will help improve San Juan Capistrano by creating opportunities to enhance the quality of life for all members of the community, while also preserving the things about San Juan Capistrano that make it unique and special.

Housing Element Update  -  DRAFT HOUSING ELEMENT FOR PLANNING COMMISSION REVIEW    Posted January 6,2022.  Planning Commission Public Hearing January 19, 2022.                          

Safety Element Update -  PUBLIC REVIEW DRAFT SAFETY ELEMENT FOR PLANNING COMMISSION REVIEW    Posted October 18, 2021.  Planning Commission Public Hearing January 19, 2022.

Environmental Justice Element - PUBLIC REVIEW DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE ELEMENT    Posted December 21, 2021.  Comments to the Public Review Draft should be submitted by January 12, 2022.  Planning Commission Public Hearing January 19, 2022.

General Plan Element Update Community Engagement and Schedule

General Plan Element Update Resources

Environmental Document

Any questions regarding the process, please reach out to the Project Manager, Laura Stokes, at or at 949-443-6313.

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