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Development Services

Development Services

Please refer to our Planning & Zoning page for information on how to submit planning applications by appointment.

Please refer to our Building Department page for information on how to submit building permit applications by appointment.


The Development Services Department provides information and advisory services to decision makers and the public regarding the growth and development of the community to ensure balanced physical development.

The Development Services Department is the hub of the City’s activities to coordinate and administer planning and development of the community. Under the leadership of the City Council, the Department partners with community leaders as well as other City Departments to insure the community benefits from new development, strives to maintain the high quality of existing uses and facilities, and takes the necessary steps to preserve the City’s heritage. Development Services provides current and long-range land use planning, building safety permitting and inspections, code enforcement, housing services, and historic preservation programs to ensure balanced physical development of the City in accordance with the City's adopted General Plan, Zoning Code, Architectural Design Guidelines, and the California Building Code (CBC). The department consists of four divisions: Administration, Planning, Housing, and Permit/Inspection/Code Enforcement. The Department is also responsible for managing the preservation of historic structures.

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