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Activities and Programs

The purpose of the Class Programs Division is to provide energetic, fun, interesting and challenging classes to residents of all ages in San Juan Capistrano, while collaborating with local businesses and community entrepreneurs to share their expertise. The goal of this Division is to deliver affordable classes that are of interest to a diverse array of people and to generate revenue for both the City and contracted instructors. Below you will find a brief description of the current classes being offered. Please click HERE to view the flyer for classes.

Kindergarten Readiness: (Age: 3.5 – 5 years) Children must be potty trained.

Kindergarten Readiness believes in the development of the whole child while providing a safe and fun learning environment. We believe that play is the primary vehicle through which children learn. We offer children a variety of experiences designed to give them opportunities for self-discovery, exploration and the freedom to create. Our teacher’s primary role is to facilitate the child's physical, emotional, social, creative, and intellectual growth. We believe in building relationships and fully understand and support each and every learner and their family.  Through trust, respect and daily communication we work together to build a sense of community and the foundation your child needs to move forward as an independent, confident, and critical thinker. 

The Kindergarten Readiness program is available for children 3.5 to 5 years of age. All children must be potty trained to participate. 

Beginner Ballet Folklorico: (Age: 5 - 15 years)

Come and learn different folklorico dances of Mexico. Students are not required to have any formal instruction. Girls should wear comfortable clothes, folklorico dance shoes, pin up their hait and bring practice skirts to class. Boys need to wear folklorico dance boots. There may be opportunities to perform.

Intermediate Ballet Folklorico: (Age: 7 - 13 years)

Come and learn the different folklorico dances of Mexico while building confidence and self-esteem. There are opportunities to perform at various City and community events. All costumes are provided. Girls need to wear comfortable clothes, folklorico dance shoes, have hair pinned up and bring practice skirts to class. Boys need to wear folklorico dance boots.

Adult Ballet Folklorico:

Come and learn different folklorico dances of Mexico. There are opportunities to perform at various city and community events. Ladies need to wear comfortable clothes, folklorico dance shoes, and have hair pinned up and bring practice skirts to class. Men need to wear folklorico dance boots.

Pickleball Beginer Silver Paddles: (Age: 65+ years and older)

Learn the fastest growing sport in North America. This fun and fitness class will prepare you for the skills needed to play this fun and social game. Equipment will be provided.

Pickleball Intermediate Class: (Age: 18 years and older)

This class is for players that are experienced and play at least three days a week and are at level of (3.5 to 4.0) park or club level. This is a high energy workout that focuses on fast ball rallies and advanced strategies. 

Ballroom Dance: (Age: 18 years and older)

This popular dance class will invigorate your passion for dance. Come join in the fun while learning new steps and meeting people with your interest.

Healing Breath Work:

Explore the healing power of breeath in an informal group environment. Feel free to bring a yoga mat/blanket in case you need to sit or lie down. Intro class welcomes all ages, there's nothing quite like the Present Moment!

Senior Chair Yoga:

For those with limited flexibility/strenth, this is designed as a low-intensity yet satisfying yoga class without having to get up and down from the floor.  We use chairs for seated support or additional support for standing. Come stretch, strengthen, relax, breathe. Wheelchairs are welcome.

Gentle Yoga:

Experience fundamentals of yoga to bring body, mind and heart into harmonious balance. Learn proper alignment in yoga poses, relaxing breathing techniques and how to use yoga props to improve your practice and health. Bring a mat/towel. Level is for beginners.

Guided Healing Meditation:

Come quiet your busy mind. Reduce stress and tension. Increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and loosen tight spots. Combine practices of yoga/meditation to cultivate greater awareness, connect to yourself, find clarity and peace of mind. All are welcome. No experience needed. Please bring a yoga mat and towel.

Nursing Discussion/Support:

Support group for special needs adults, learning about common diagnoses, reviewing topics like understanding lab results, purpose and function of multi-vitamins, how to respond in the event of a disabled person's emergency.

Financial Advise Courses:

Investment Basics - New to investing or confused? This straightforward course will teach basics of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF's, annuities and life insurance, IRAs, 401k and other retirement accounts - with importance of navigating time-tested.

Successful Retirement Planning  - On track to retire comfortably? Ideal retirement age, how to maximize savings/pensions and latest strategies to minimize taxes andmake precious assets last covered in this course.

Optimize Your Social Security - You've paid into social security benefits your whole working life, now learn how to maximize benefits. Strategies: claim benefits based on life expectancy, increasing benefits, spousal claims and reducing taxes, and maximizing other finances.

Athletic Programs

The purpose of the Athletic Programs Division is to collaborate with youth/adult sport organizations to provide to San Juan Capistrano youth/adults a prototype of self-discipline, self-motivation, commitment, excellence, loyalty, cooperation and other desirable traits that are gleaned from participating in sporting activities. The Athletic Programs Division provides income to the City; and delivers a large population of sport participants to patronize San Juan Capistrano businesses, restaurants and hotels.

Youth Programs

This Division incorporates two programs for young children to teens – The Boys & Girls Clubs of Capistrano Valley and the Youth Advisory Board. The City contracts with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Capistrano Valley to maintain a quality-based after-school program for the children of San Juan Capistrano under the attentive safeguard of the Community Services Department and the Parks, Recreation, Senior and Youth Services Commission. The Youth Advisory Board enables San Juan Capistrano teens to participate in local government, learn City structure, and be the voice of the needs and interests within their youth-oriented collective.

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