Assembly Bill 2234

In accordance with Assembly Bill (AB) 2234, the following information is provided for transparency for residential development post-entitlement processing. 

Post Entitlement Requirements:

Building Permits   

Temporary Use Permit

  • Should a temporary facility need to be established prior to pulling a Building Permit (i.e. construction fencing, trailer, electrical power, or stockpiling yard) a Temporary Use Permit will be required. Temporary Use Permits are not required if an active Building Permit has been issued which identifies all temporary facilities. The Temporary Use Permit Application, which includes the submittal items for this permit, is provided here and requires a $359 processing fee.
  • Processing time for the Planning and City Division reviews of Temporary Use Permits is 30-days for the first review and 15-days for any subsequent correction review.
  • Temporary Use Permit Application (PDF)

Grading Permits

  • Grading Permits include Rough and Precise grading. The City of San Juan Capistrano has a comprehensive list of all submittal items required for Grading Permits as well as the permit process for grading associated to the development of Detached Single-Family Residential, Attached Single-Family Residential, Multi-Family Residential, Accessory Dwelling Units, and Mixed-Use available online at
  • Processing times for Public Works & Engineering Division reviews of Grading Permits are provided on the City’s website and status can be checked through the City’s Citizen Portal accessed online at

Encroachment & Transportation Permits

Outside Agency Reviews 

The following outside agencies may require review of plans and/or fees prior to the City being able to issue permits. 

  • Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA)
  • Santa Margarita Water District (SMWD)
  • South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)
  • Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA)
  • San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)
  • SoCal Gas
  • Homeowners Association
  • Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD)
  • Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA)


Sample Documents:

Single-Family Residential Detached

Single-Family Residential Attached

Multi-Family Residential

Accessory Dwelling Unit

Mixed Use