Permits - Encroachment & Transportation


Please note that any correspondence with the City of San Juan Capistrano, along with attachments, may be subject to the California Public Records Act, and therefore may be subject to disclosure unless otherwise exempt.

Santa Margarita Water District (SMWD) Encroachment Permits

Please note that an encroachment permit from the Santa Margarita Water District (SMWD) is required for all projects adjacent to or within an existing or proposed water and/or sewer easement. This includes and is not limited to connection to public water and/or sewer utilities, excavation work, grading, utility installation, foundations, paving, walls, fences and/or installation of any permanent structure. A Waste Discharge Permit Application from SMWD may also required and must be processed before a City Building Permit can be issued.

For additional information please visit SMWD's General Permits and Applications Page (which contains SMWD Contact Phone Number and Email Address).

All work involving improvements to or installation of a public water and/or public sewer utility requires Bonding through SMWD. Please email Catherine Aamodt for additional information.

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COVID-19 Notice

Due to the continuing impacts of COVID-19, the processing of encroachment/transportation permits may be delayed. All Encroachment and Transportation Permits are processed electronically. Please submit applications or questions via email. Please expect a minimum three-business day review on complete applications. A complete application includes any required attachments. On more complicated encroachment permits that require Traffic Control or additional field research, a longer than three-business day review may be required, up to two weeks for encroachment permit plan reviews.

Your patience during this time is greatly appreciated.