Equestrian & Bike Trail / Open Space

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of public trails within the City. The maintenance is comprised of grading, thistle, weed, and rubbish abatement. Along some of the City's trails, there is a need for asphalt repair, tree trimming, and fence repair. See our Map of City Trails (PDF).

While the City's trail system currently allows for different types of bicycles, including e-bikes, our staff is continually evaluating policies and regulations related to trail safety. Several cities in Orange County are experiencing similar issues regarding the excessive speed of some e-bikes on multi-use trails, exacerbated by the explosive growth in the popularity of e-bikes. Restricting e-bikes altogether or even imposing speed limits is very difficult to enforce, so education is generally a more viable alternative. See our Safety Guide (PDF), which is a partial list of best safety practices. Always use good judgement when walking, running, or cycling.