FEMA - Floodplain Management Information

The National Flood Program

Since 1978, the City has been a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and continues to actively participate in this program to assure that its benefits are readily available to residents and business people who own property situated along the San Juan, Trabuco, Horno, and Oso Creeks. As a service to the community, the San Juan Capistrano Public Works Department provides flood zone determinations, flood map data, base flood elevations and other flood-related information. Inquiries need only provide the property address or specific location. A small library of flood protection reference materials is available for public use at the Public Works counter and also find flood-related information specific for the City at the San Juan Capistrano Public Library.

Note: All current National Flood Insurance Program NFIP forms are available electronically on Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA's) DocNet system. The DocNet software is provided on the site and must be downloaded before accessing the system. To view NFIP forms click "Search", then scroll to the FF-81 sequence.

Flood Zone Information Available at City Hall

Fortunately, major flooding is not a common occurrence in Orange County. However, damage generated by minor flooding can be inconvenient, stressful, and costly. The first step of flood protection is to find out if your home or business needs flood insurance. Flood insurance is mandatory for all structures in a "100-year" flood zone financed with a federally backed loan. Currently, property owners benefit from a 5% reduction on flood insurance as a feature of our NFIP participation.

For map determinations or questions regarding Flood Insurance, FEMA or the NFIP, email the Public Works Department or call them at 949-443-6337. You can also find information on the FloodSmart website and the FEMA website. You may also find the following weather-related sites informative.