The Engineering Division of the City of San Juan Capistrano processes both public and privately funded projects. The division includes Wastewater, Construction Engineering, and Capital Project Development, also referred to as Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs).


In an effort to assist engineers and surveyors working in the City, staff is making available online all of the center line ties and corner records at its disposal. This way, you can access this data anytime without having to come to city hall. We hope you find this feature helpful and we look forward to hearing any comments in an effort to improve it. Our goal is to have these eventually linked to a map for east of finding the information.

This is an ongoing project and will be updated weekly as the information is scanned. So if you do not find a tract number on this web page, please call or visit city hall.

If you know the Tract Number, select it from the following list.

If you do not know the Tract Number, please go to Community View, enter the address of the property, and click on "Details" to find the Tract Number information.

Center Line Ties & Corner Records