Capital Improvement Projects

Each year the City develops a long-range Capital Improvement Program as part of the budget process. A Capital Improvement Project generally results in improvements to City streets, gutters, and sidewalks, modifications of traffic signals, upgrades to City parks and waterways and needed improvements of various public facilities. A seven-year program is required to provide consistency with the requirements of the State Congestion Management Program and the County Measure M Program.


Local Streets Pavement Rehabilitation Project-Zones 1-5 (CIP 24102)

The Local Streets Pavement Rehabilitation Project represents an unprecedented investment in the City’s roadway infrastructure. The local public streets slated for pavement rehabilitation as part of this project have been grouped into five zones throughout the city.  Following award of the construction contract, Public Works staff will work with R.J. Noble and various utility companies, including Santa Margarita Water District, to schedule the construction timing for the local streets in each zone.  Currently, it is anticipated that construction will begin by mid-October for Zone 4, which encompasses local streets within the Belford Terrace community and the communities located south of Ortega Highway and east side of Rancho Viejo Road to Avenida Siega.

The overall project scope of work generally includes the removal of existing failed pavement and construction of new pavement sections.  The project entails grading, excavation, saw-cutting, milling of existing street asphalt concrete pavement, reconstruction of existing non-compliant pedestrian ramps, removal and replacement of damaged curb, gutter and sidewalk, signing and striping, and adjustment of existing manhole covers, pull boxes, and valve covers to match the new pavement surface grade. 

Notably, because of additional design for enhanced drainage and an expanded scope of work to include resurfacing the Los Rios Park parking lot with colored asphalt concrete, pavement rehabilitation for Los Rios District streets, which are included in Zone 2, will be combined with the Los Rios Park Parking Lot Pavement Project.  Construction is anticipated to begin early next year and be completed by Spring 2024.

Arguello Way Rehabilitation Project (CIP 23102)

Traffic Signal at Calle Arroyo and La Novia Avenue Project (CIP 24105)

Los Rios Street Parking Lot Pavement Project (CIP 24107)

Sports Park Renovation Project (CIP 24204)

La Novia Passive Park Project (CIP 24205)


Arterial Streets Pavement Rehabilitation Project (CIP 24108)

The design scope of work includes the following arterial streets in the City: 

  • Alipaz Street
  • Camino Del Avion
  • Del Obispo Street
  • La Novia Avenue
  • Rancho Viejo Road
  • San Juan Creek Road