The Finance Department supports the other departments of the City and the City's residents by providing critical financial information regarding the City's operations and programs. Key functions of the Finance Department that are encompassed within that objective are maintaining the financial records of the City, coordinating the budget process, monitoring budgetary compliance, processing all purchase and payment transactions, and the receipting, depositing and investing of all City funds. In addition, the Finance Department is the point of contact for the customer service needs of the public that pertain to business licenses, parking permits, film and photography permits, and utility service billing and payment inquiries.

K. Al-Imam

Ken Al-Imam, Chief Financial Officer

Ken Al-Imam is the Chief Financial Officer/City Treasurer of the City. As such, Ken serves as the department head for the City’s Finance Department. Ken is responsible for overseeing the department, which maintains the City’s financial records and provides cashiering services to the City’s residents and businesses. Ken has a bachelor of arts degree in business administration from California State University, Fullerton and is a Certified Public Accountant. He is known state-wide for his long-time service on the California Committee on Municipal Accounting (CCMA), which provides California-specific financial reporting guidance to California cities.