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Please be aware that City Hall is open to the public by appointment only. Please schedule an appointment for all building permit requests as all building permit requests need to be submitted in person with hard copy plans. Also, to facilitate the permit process, a completed building permit application is required to schedule an appointment.

To schedule an appointment at City Hall, view the link below:


2022 California Building Standards Code

The State of California adopts a set of new construction codes every three years referred to as the California Building Standards Code. The 2022 California Building Standards Code (2022  CBC) was adopted by the City of San Juan Capistrano City Council and went into effect on January 1, 2023. The adopted code includes:

  • 2022 California Building Code Volumes 1 and 2
  • 2022 California Mechanical Code
  • 2022 California Electrical Code
  • 2022 California Plumbing Code
  • 2022 California Existing Buildings Code
  • 2022 California Fire Code
  • 2022 California Energy Code
  • 2022 California Residential Building Code
  • 2022 California Green Building Standards Code (PDF)
  • 2022 California Historical Building Code
  • San Juan Capistrano Municipal Code

Permit Requirement

Building Permits are required, with some exceptions, anytime a building or structure, electrical, plumbing or mechanical system, is to be erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, removed, converted or demolished. Additionally, there are outside organizations, listed below, that may require an associated permit or review in conjunction with the City's building permit.


Construction projects taking place within a Homeowners Association (HOA) or other governing body that impact any portion of the exterior (including windows and doors) must be approved in writing prior to permit issuance. A copy of the HOA Approval letter or HOA stamped plans must be provided prior to or at permit issuance. 

Homeowners Association (HOA), Architectural Review Boards (ARB), and Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) Requirements SJC City Council Administrative Policy 408 (PDF)

Applying for a Permit

  • City Hall is currently open by appointment only
  • All new construction permit applications must be submitted electronically 
  • All tenant improvements and residential remodels must be submitted as hard copy in person at City Hall
  • The City does not accept permit submittals or plans via mail or courier
  • Plan check fees are calculated and due at time of submittal. Please contact Finance at 949-487-4300 for acceptable forms of payment
  • The City does not offer expedited plan review
  • Projects that require OCFA review will need to be submitted directly to OCFA for concurrent review with the City. The City does not route plans to OCFA

View Plan Check Submittal Requirements (PDF) for submittal requirements and additional information.

For residential alterations/additions/ADU/JADU's, please see Title Sheet Template (PDF) requirement located under Forms and Guidelines.

A completed Building Permit Application (PDF) along with OCFA residential or commercial checklist is required for all permit submittals.

  • Plan size requirements are 24" x 36" 
  • All plan sheets must be the same size and must include architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans.
  • Plans must be stapled into complete sets
  • No hand-written notes will be accepted
  • Plans that do not meet the size requirements will not be accepted into plan check

New construction/grading projects require advance fee calculations and an appointment. Please email the Building Division for additional information regarding new construction submittals.

Plan Review Expiration

Time limit of building permit application:

  • An application for a permit for any proposed work shall expire one (1) calendar year after the date of filing unless a permit is issued or a request to extend this one-year period is submitted prior to the expiration date and approved by the Building Official, and further provided that the adopted codes have not changed from the date of initial application submittal. 
  • The Building Official is authorized, but is not required, to grant one or more extensions of time not exceeding 180 calendar days per extension.  
  • The plan check extension request must be made in writing prior to the plan check expiration with justifiable cause demonstrated by the applicant.

To request an extension, please fill out an extension request (PDF) and email the completed form to the Building Department.

If the plan check expires, the applicant shall submit new plans compliant with the technical codes and other applicable city, county, and state regulations in effect at the time and pay new plan review fees. 

Revisions to Issued Permit

Any modifications or revisions to an approved set of plans that have been issued a permit will require re-review and approval.

Please complete a Revision Application (PDF) and submit (2) stapled copies of only the affected sheets for revision review. If the changes affect the exterior or footprint, then (3) stapled copies of the affected sheets are required.

  • Please do not submit an entire set of plans for a revision
  • All changes must be clouded and a narrative of changes must be included with your revision submittal
  • Plan size requirements are 24" x 36"
  • All revised plan sheets, including engineering, must be the same size and stapled into sets
  • No hand written notes will be accepted

Demolition Permits

A separate permit for demolition is only required on demolition of whole buildings/structures or projects where the applicant would like to begin demolition prior to the approval of a residential remodel or commercial tenant improvement.

Please see Plan Check Submittal Requirements (PDF) for additional submittal requirements and general information.

Grading / Site Improvement Permits

All projects involving grading and visible site improvements must first be approved by the Planning Department. Title 9 of the San Juan Capistrano Municipal Code outlines land use.

  • After planning approval has been obtained, a completed Grading Permit Application (PDF) and engineer's cost estimate must be sent via email to the Public Works Department for advanced plan check fee calculation
  • Once plan check fees have been calculated for your project, an email will be sent to the applicant containing instructions/requirements for first submittal along with the invoice
  • First submittals for grading projects require an appointment with the Building Counter

View grading and site improvements for more details.


All plan check and permit fees can be found in the City Fee Schedule

  • Plan check fees are calculated and due at time of submittal. 
  • Permit fees are calculated after plans have been approved and stamped by all departments. An invoice along with any outstanding requirements is sent to the applicant on file once a permit is ready for permit issuance.

The city does not provide fee estimates or advanced fee calculations. Fees are formula based and include state fees that are derived from permit application information and approved plans.

Outside Agency Permitting Requirements

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