Assembly Bill 1483

In accordance with Assembly Bill (AB) 1483, the following information is provided for transparency for residential development regulations and costs.

Residential Development Fee Schedule

Affordability Requirement

San Juan Capistrano requires 10% of residential units be reserved for lower-income households when developing two or more units. An in-lieu fee may be paid instead of including the units. The housing in-lieu fee is calculated on a monthly basis in accordance with the Municipal Code Section 9-5.103. The code section and the spreadsheet used for calculation are provided for reference:

Zoning Districts

All properties within the City of San Juan Capistrano have zoning Districts assigned. Please use the City's Interactive Map to look up the specific zone for any property by selecting the zoning layer and searching for the address.

Zoning Ordinances, Development Standards, & Design Guidelines

The zoning ordinances, development standards, and design guidelines for properties within the City of San Juan Capistrano can be found within the below linked municipal codes, Design Guidelines, and Comprehensive Development Plans.

Comprehensive Development Application

New development projects are required to submit a Comprehensive Development Application (PDF) with all required submittal materials, which are listed on Page 3 of the application.

Annual Fee Reports

See Annual Fee Reports Archive

Additional Housing Development Code Sections