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Kerry Ferguson

Kerry Ferguson

Phone: 949-443-6315

Elected to Council: December 2014

Term Ending: December 2018

Kerry Ferguson’s roots in this area date back to 1883. Her great grandfathers were pioneers, one engineering and maintaining water systems all over this area and the other owning a hotel in Escondido, serving as a council member for 10 years and mayor for a year. Her grandfather was a friend of Charles Lummis and involved with Land of Sunshine, in which the Landmark Society that saved Mission San Juan Capistrano was begun. She and her husband, Stuart, courted here, packing picnics and spending time at the Mission. San Juan Capistrano has always been a special place for them. They have had a long and happy marriage because they support each other’s passions and interests.

They chose San Juan Capistrano as their home for its small-town atmosphere and historic character. They both enjoy volunteering as Docents at Mission San Juan Capistrano and are members of the San Juan Capistrano Historical Society. Their church and friends are here, and they do virtually all their shopping and dining out in town, enjoying the excellent shops and restaurants that they feel deserve their patronage. Their daughter and son-in-law and three grandchildren live close by, and all are accomplished in their own right.

Kerry has been fortunate to have two distinctly different and rewarding careers. As an educator in Santa Monica and Bel Air, Kerry was a Master Teacher, pioneer in the field of Team Teaching, Administrator of Programs for the Gifted in Santa Monica and chair of the History Department at the John Thomas Dye School in Bel Air.

Kerry’s second career was as the owner of retail stores. She grew her retail stores in the Seattle area into three nationally recognized stores and a wholesale business and became one of the top knitwear designers in the country, sitting on the Advisory Board of Vogue Knitting and publishing numerous books of knitting patterns including one called “Two Sticks and a String,” before retiring.

After retiring, Kerry and Stuart lived in Oregon, where she founded the Oregon Leadership Excellence Series, whose mission was to train potential leaders and candidates in all aspects of leadership, with special emphasis on the role of the U.S. Constitution and its principles in the governing process. It attracted nationally recognized teachers and specialists and was an in-depth series held in several weekend retreats that produced a number of excellent leaders in that state.

Even now, Kerry has a tutoring business and thoroughly enjoys working with San Juan students from early elementary through graduate school in English and History.

Kerry's local public service includes:

  • Director, Transportation Corridor Agencies 2015-2017

  • Representative to Southern California Association of Governments 2015-Present

  • Member of Community, Housing and Economic Development Committee of SCAG 2015-Present

  • Member Legislative and Regulatory Committee of Association of California Governments of Orange County 2015-Present

  • Liaison to Los Rios Community - 2014-Present

  • Liaison to Mission San Juan Capistrano 2015-2016, 2017-Present

  • Liaison to Equestrian Community 2015-2016, 2017-Present

  • Delegate to the League of California Cities

  • Alternate Delegate to the League of California Cities

  • Appointment Member of the Housing, Community and Economic Development Policy Committe of the League of California Cities

  • Founding Member of the Sober Living Task Force and Association of California Cities of Orange County

  • Former Chair - San Juan Capistrano Successor Agency

  • Former Chair - San Juan Capistrano Housing Authority

  • Former Vice Chair - San Juan Capistrano Successor Agency

  • Former Vice Chair - San Juan Capistrano Housing Authority

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