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Water Standard Drawings

Number                          Description

W-1(a)                             1” Service Installation

W-1(b)                             Covers & Lids – Armorcast

W-2(a)                             2” Service Installation & Complete Abandonment of Service

W-2(b)                             2” Service Installation Rev

W-3                                  4” Blow-Off

W-4                                  Manifold Assembly for 4 to 10 Services

W-5                                  Construction Temporary Blow-Off & Chlorination Assembly

W-6                                  Residential Fire Hydrant Installation

W-7                                  Commercial Fire Hydrant Installation

W-8(a)                             Excavation and Resurfacing Standard

W-8(b)                             Trench Section & Pipe Bedding Details/Street Backfill & Resurfacing Detail

W-9                                  Valve Stem Extension

W-10                                Steel Casing Pipe/Steel Pipe Casing Cathodic Protection

W-11                                2” Blow-Off

W-12                                State Health Dept. Exceptions to Basic Separation

W-13                                Valve & Valve Box Installation

W-14                                Horizontal Thrust Block Details

W-15                                Vertical Thrust Restraint Detail

W-16(a)                           Air & Vacuum Relief Valve Assembly

W-16(b)                           1” Air-Vac Tap

W-16(c)                           2” Air-Vac Installation

W-17(a)                           Hinged Cages

W-17(b)                           Double Check Detector Check Assembly     

W-18                                Reverse Tie Anchor Block Assembly

W-19                                Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly

W-20                                3” & 4” Meter Installation

W-22                                Hot Tap Connection

W-23                                Guard Post for Appurtenances

W-24                                Water Sampling Station

W-25                                Wharf Head Fire Hydrant

W-26(a)                           1” Air Vacuum & Relief Valve Assembly (Tap)

W-26(b)                           2" Air Vacuum & Relief Valve Assembly (Tap)


Sewer Standard Drawings


Water Standard Specifications

Standard Specifications for Construction of Domestic Water and Recycled Water Facilities



Blank Backflow Form
Domestic Water Service Application Form
Fireline Service Application Form
Irrigation Water Service Application Form
SJC Title Block - Full Sheet



Public Works & Utilities Department Standard General Notes
Utilities Standard Sewer Improvement Notes
Utilities Standard Water Improvement Notes
Standard Non-Domestic Water Notes

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