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Street Lighting

The City’s street lights are owned by the City and maintained by the Public Works Department.  If you are aware of a street light not working or only working intermittently, please notify the Public Works Department at (949) 443-6337, or by filling out our online service request.  Staff recognizes the urgency in repairing street lights as quickly as possible due the potential safety hazards that exists when proper lighting on residential streets is not available.

City staff will perform routine repairs; however, if the problem requires additional expertise, the City’s contractor will be alerted and will respond to the request.


Street Sweeping

The City contracts with Pacific Sweeping to provide street sweeping services.  Sweeping of public streets is performed twice a month on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  If you live on a private street, please contact your homeowners’ association for information regarding your street’s sweeping schedule.  The City’s downtown area is swept daily Monday through Thursday. 

Please note if a holiday falls on your normal scheduled sweeping day, the sweeping will be delayed until the next normal scheduled day.  Please also note the City does not sweep on rainy days;  instead, streets will be swept on the next normal scheduled day.

To determine when your street is scheduled to be swept, first find your assigned route number by locating your street by viewing the street index.   Once you have determined the route number for your street, please view and refer to the 2019 annual calendar which includes City observed holidays.

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