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Planning & Zoning

The Planning Division is responsible for providing assistance to public with zoning regulations and requirements to properties within the City. These include, but are not limited to, use regulations, development standards, signage and tree removals. The Planning & Zoning Department provides current and advanced planning services, including review of private and public development projects for compliance with the established policies, regulations, and standards as set forth by the City’s General Plan and Municipal Code.

Zoning Documents & Resources:

Planning Documents & Resources:

Application Brochures
Affordable Housing Agreement n/a
Architectural Control Get Brochure
Conditional Use Permit Get Brochure
Discretionary Use Permit n/a
Development Agreement n/a
Floodplain Land Use Permit n/a
General Plan Amendment Get Brochure
Grading Plan Modification Get Brochure
Mobilehome Park Conversion/Closure n/a
Sign Monument (not part of AC) n/a
Sign Program Get Brochure
Site Plan Review Get Brochure
Temporary Use Permit n/a
Tentative Parcel Map Get Brochure
Tentative Tract Map Get Brochure
Time Extension n/a
Rezone/Zone Change Get Brochure
Zone Variance Get Brochure

Other Applications

Type of Application Brochures Applications
Banner Permit n/a Get Application
Landscape Permit Guidelines Get Application
Lot Line Adjustment Get Brochure Get Application
Massage Therapy Get Brochure n/a
Pre-Application Permit/Consultation n/a Get Application
Residential Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Permit n/a Get Application
Sign Permit Get Brochure Get Application
Special Activities Permit n/a Get Application
Tree Removal Permit Get Brochure Get Application
Zoning Compliance Plancheck n/a Get Application
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