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Building Department

Plan Check - Permit Status & Onsite Inspection Times


Plan Check - Permit Status

Applicants will be notified via e-mail when Plans are approved or corrections are required.  You may also check your Plan Check - Permit status by checking our online E-Tracking System, or by contacting the Building Permit Technicians by phone or e-mail.  Please reference your permit number when checking the status of your project.

Use this link for E-Tracking System -

Once in the E-Tracking System follow these steps:

Enter the SITE ADDRESS or use the drop down box to select and enter the PERMIT NUMBER

Click on the selected permit to open the file

Click on Reviews to check the current status of each review

Please keep in mind that Due Dates are target dates for review and are subject to variation based on plan complexity and workload

Onsite Inspection Times

The City’s Inspectors create each days inspection run sheet based on the locations of each inspection, special inspection requirements (joint inspections with outside agencies for example), and if a request has been made for the morning or afternoon.  Routes are chosen in such a way to prevent wasted time driving from location to location and as such not all specific requests for morning or afternoon inspections can be accommodated.  Between 8:00 a.m and 8:15 a.m. each day, the Building Inspectors will provide the days run sheet to the Building Permit Technicians and the City’s Receptionist.  You may contact them by phone to confirm if you have been scheduled for the morning or afternoon.


Building Permit Technicians

(949) 443-6347

(949) 443-6345

(949) 443-6349


City Receptionist

(949) 493-1171

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