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Grading and Site Improvement

The City of San Juan Capistrano receives many requests for site development that may involve grading and related improvements to a particular private property. There are several requirements that must be met before such an endeavor can be allowed.

  1. All projects involving grading and visible site improvements need to first be approved by the Planning Department. Title 9 of the Municipal Code outlines land use.
  2. Upon Planning Department approval, plans may be submitted to the Building Division. The Building Division will process the submittal by routing it to the Engineering Division to perform review of the technical plan and report to ensure that all construction is designed properly and in accordance with applicable standards. 
    Grading Plan Process: Flowchart
    Improvement Plan Process: Flowchart
    Plan Check Requirements for New Submittals 
  3. Plans should contain all applicable notes. Grading plans shall have City Grading Notes and City Erosion and Silt Control Notes.
  4. If a hydrology and hydraulics report is required, the analysis shall be submitted in accordance with Orange County format. A 25-year and 100-year study will be required.
  5. All improvement plans are to include the City Engineer’s Signing Block.
  6. The maximum allowable submittal size for plans is 24” x 36”. All final approved plans will require a digital submission in accordance with City Standards effective June 1, 2007, and original Mylars signed and stamped by both the Civil Engineer of Record and the Geotechnical Engineer of Record. Click here to access the City Digital Submission Standards.

Additionally, all projects have their own case-by-case needs and will be addressed through the review process.

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