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Building Department

Inspection Requests & Information

Work performed on issued permits needs to be inspected in order for the job/permit to become Finaled with the City.  All work performed on an issued permits that expires before a City Building Inspector has completed and approved a passing Final inspection becomes unpermitted work.


Inspection requests for Active Permits

Inspection requests made prior to 4:00 p.m. on a City business day will be scheduled for the following business day unless a different date is specified. 

All inspection requests must include the following information in this order:

Permit Number

Job Site Address

Date of Inspection

Type of Inspection(s) being requested

Job Site Contact Name and Phone Number

Gate Code or other special instructions

Inspections requests must follow the format above and can be scheduled:

via Email at

by Phone (Leave a voicemail on the Automated Inspection line (949) 493-3172)

in Person (Visit the Building Counter during regular business hours)

City Staff does not provide confirmation for voicemail inspection requests left on the Automated Inspection Request line.  Inspection requests sent by e-mail will get a short confirmation response by e-mail.


Overtime Inspections/Special Inspections

An inspection request may be made for inspections that need to take place outside of normal working hours such as weekends or a non-City business day. Overtime/Special Inspections require approval from both the Inspector and Building Official.

Please note that there is a fee for all approved overtime inspection requests that must be paid prior to your inspection.


Online Inspection Requests

Please complete the form below to request inspection(s). 

Enter Your Permit Number
Enter your job site address
Enter the date you want the inspection
Enter the type of inspection(s) you would like to request
Enter the name of the person to contact at the job site
Enter the Job Site Point of Contact Phone Number
Email to reach you
Enter any special instructions or information here
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